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Bottle Container Supplier Across Various Industries

Best Sellers

Whatever containers you are looking for, we offer a broad selection of containers in different shapes and sizes, to showcase your products and packaging.

Struggling to identify an appropriate container for your products? Do not hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help you find the right one for your business needs.

Why Choose Bottle Source Corp.

Our goal is to provide packaging solutions for your products. Our customers span every industry, from food to pharmaceuticals, as well as cosmetics, industrial and chemical sectors.


Bottle Source Corporation is the container supplier of choice for all your packaging needs! We offer quality packaging solutions that meet specific industry standards. The scope of our services includes global sourcing, quality assurance, inventory control, logistics management and compliance.

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Shop by Industry

No matter what industry your business operates in, we've got the right container to complement your product!

Choosing Bottle Source Corporation as your container supplier means choosing quality. Our products meet the compliance standards and requirements associated with the most diverse industrial and commercial fields.

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Contact Us for an
In-Store Experience

Would you like to come into our store and talk to our packaging experts about choosing the right container? We encourage you to reach out to us, and we will gladly schedule a time to meet with you!


Whatever the size of your project, Bottle Source Corporation is the place to go for quality packaging!

Shop Our Bottles

Different colours, sizes, shapes, materials and certifications: we have the right product for every purpose. Depending on the essence of your product, why not enhance its elegance and appeal by opting for a different lid


Find the perfect solution for your needs at Bottle Source Corporation! Now the only remaining task is for you to find the winning formula!

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Endless customizations


" Top notch service, good quality products and the staff is accommodating, helpful and always friendly. Thank you Bottle Source for making my transition from packaging suppliers so easy and effective. "

- M.M

" Excellent service! Suitable for small and large businesses. The company conveys great values. I recommend. "

- M.H

" Bottle Source Corporation is convenient, quick and reliable. 1000% recommend this place. Very friendly and down to earth staff. When an order is ready, they will let you know which is great! No need to make repeated phone calls about your order status. Also located in an easy to access location. "

- A.L

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