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Your High-Quality Cosmetic Container Supplier

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Do you wish to find a reliable container supplier for your cosmetics and body care products? Choosing Bottle Source Corporation means high quality and compliance. We pay particular attention to comply with current regulations. Specially designed for this industry, you can select the right packaging for your products among our wide selection with confidence. 


Are you in need of advice to choose the right cosmetic jar or container? Our teams are here to advise you. Bottle Source offers standard and customized storage solutions for the cosmetics and body care industry. We can also help you with product customization.

The Perfect Container for Your Desired Use

Bottle Source offers a variety of products that will meet your needs for cosmetics and personal hygiene products. Regardless of the type of cosmetic to package (liquid, solid, powder, cream, etc.),

we have the right container for you.

  • What is your Shipping Policy?
    Click Here to read our Shipping Policy. You will generally receive your order within 24 to 48 business hours, depending on transit time. Delays may occur.
  • Can I return my order?
    Returns are accepted upon prior approval. Please contact our Customer Service at (514) 334-0665 or fill the Contact Us form above. It will be our pleasure to process your request as quickly as possible.
  • What do I do if an item in my order is missing or damaged?
    If any of the items in your order are missing or damaged, please contact us immediately. Please note that you have 2 weeks after the delivery date to make a claim for a missing or damaged item.
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